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The Hispanic radio audience is growing across the U.S.  Hispanics have the highest propensity to listen to the radio of any ethnic group. According to the latest Nielsen Audio Today report, 94.2 percent of all Hispanics (aged 12+) listen to the radio during the week.

Spanish TV Beats General Market

While seventy-seven percent of U.S. Hispanics speak English well according to current American Community Survey estimates, sixty-one percent of Hispanics aged 18+ tell Nielsen they prefer to speak Spanish in their homes versus only 17 percent who say they speak only English.

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Navigating digital is Spanish is no fiesta.  Today, there are relatively few online options that advertisers can use to target Hispanics online.  That being said, Hispanic online advertising spending is growing exponentially and we can help you reach the hard to reach audience.

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Marketers looking to engage with online Hispanics must consider social media. Hispanics are among the most active ethnic groups when it comes to social media. Savvy marketers have found that building Hispanic online communities and consistently engaging with online Hispanics can pay quantifiable dividends.

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